Doctoral candidate in Information Science (Tallinn University), Master in Digital Library Learning (Oslo University College, Tallinn University, Parma University), and Bachelor in Library Science (Universidad Central de Venezuela). He has more than seven years of work experience in archives, libraries, and in higher education. He has excelled in different roles, such as: cataloguer, developing databases, library promotion materials and multimedia resources, as a reference librarian, supervisor, instructor, and collection development consultant. He has coordinated information literacy programs, written diverse articles published in open access repositories and in peer-reviewed journals, and presented in international high profile conferences such as ISKO and QQML. Author of the book Exploring users’ information behavior in social networks: A contribution to the understanding of the use of social networks (2011). For further information, check my CV page.

Connect with me on Google+ at +Juan D. Machin-Mastromatteo


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