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How do you think I am as a teacher?

If anyone says 5, we’ll have a problem!


Expectations – reality

-The abstract of an article that I find.

-The rest of the article when I download it.


Predatory journals

-That journal is no longer in Scopus. It’s predatory.


Innovative thesis


-When you finally find an useful article for your thesis.

-The article was written in 1960.



Well, well, well look who’s calling


Writing with Yoshi

Does he want a corresponding author credit? 😼


Ethics, human rights and violence in Chihuahua’s digital journalism: Evidence from a media observatory

We start this year with the publication of the results from an observation of digital news outlets regarding their treatment of news related to #violence in the State of #Chihuahua. Collaboration among Drs. Armando Villanueva, Fidel Gonzalez-Quiñones, Aixchel Cordero & Jorge Alan Flores


Full text available at Emerald

When the thesis has a good introduction


Life as a scientist

– Uncle, as a scientist, what do you think of this society, where you work during the week and live on weekends?
– What’s a weekend?