New direction

A new direction on the blog is coming. I realized after Doris created her own blog (Check it out!!) that she, and of course I also tend to prepare so carefully every post. So I come up with very long and polished posts. But at the same time, I think that goes against the whole purpose of Internet culture and social media these days.

You may have seen that in 2010 and until now this blog was very much unattended, except the long and perhaps a bit controversial last posts.

While I was doing my master thesis I couldn’t get to write too much and then I didn’t even write a post for it! That’s coming. My new job (almost finished now), studies and all the changes in life undermined my blogging, too. Let’s see how it goes.

From now and specially from July, I’m changing to shorter and more frequent posts. As always, you can check what I read and like on the Internet through the Tumblr.



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