Internet Classics: Super Timor

Another new section on the blog! This is Internet Classics, where I remember, take a look and comment about online content that for one reason or another I consider a classic of the Internet. On this first edition I am cheating a bit, as this classic was not created for the Internet. However, I first saw this hilarious advertisement around 2005-2006 in this little and new site called Youtube, this is why it is noteworthy for me as an Internet classic. It was the first LOL and ROTFL I had with Youtube, and it is one of the extremely few TV ads I can stand, and actually I don’t get tired of watching it. From the little information I could find on the commercial itself, I can say that it was transmitted on Ivory Coast around 1986. However, the style seems older than such date, perhaps 10 years earlier (hear the song, sounds more 70s than 80s). It’s also supposed to be very popular in France, and it has also been remixed. I give you the advertisement for Super Timor, an Internet classic!


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