Two years of Information Culture Development for supporting higher education: Initiatives, teacher’s perceptions and future actions


This was one of my presentations for the 3rd. European Conference on Information Literacy (ECIL 2015), which took place during October 19-22 in Tallinn, Estonia. This first participation, presented on October 19, 2015 was about my work as a reference librarian in CETYS Universidad. This kind of participations allows us to promote our institutional milestones regarding the development of the Distinctive Element of CETYS Education labeled Information Culture. Also, it’s an interesting case study because we are covering information culture in a holistic manner, showing the activities conducted by both the academia and the libraries to foster its development, and highlighting collaborative experiences; this represents an area of immediate interest to those within this field of research and practice. The full text of this presentation (as well as that of the other one) was published in Springer’s Communications in Computer and Information Science (see below).

Abstract: Information Culture Development (ICD) is a holistic information literacy program that was established in 2013 and developed at CETYS Universidad in Mexico. ICD caters to all university stakeholders with different initiatives that are contained within ICD’s four axes: (a) curriculum and learning support, (b) information and digital literacies development, (c) research and scientific communication support, and (d) evaluation and communication of results. This article presents such initiatives and the instruments used to evaluate them. Moreover, it analyses recent interviews with eight academic staff that have known of and benefited from these initiatives, both for themselves and for their students. The data analysis offers a means of determining ICD’s role in supporting the development of an information culture and positively influencing teaching, learning and research practices in the university. Furthermore, academic staff insights help guide the program’s further development, by pointing toward the need for future actions and strategies.

Full text at Springer Link

Open Access version (Coming soon!)

Recommended reference: Machin-Mastromatteo, J.D. (2015). Two years of information culture development for supporting higher education: Initiatives, teacher’s perceptions and future actions. Information Literacy: Moving Toward Sustainability; Communications in Computer and Information Science, 552, 517-526.


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