Revenge of the Nerds Micro Review

Revenge of the Nerds (Jeff Kanew, 1984). This movie is very good and entertaining and it has aged well. Check out the musical number in DEVO/Michael Jackson style! Maybe nerds have a bit more respect nowadays, or at least some of them have proven to be very successful people. In a broad sense this is one of those American movies were two very different groups (one of them dysfunctional) clash or battle with each other, and the viewer has the chance to side with one of them. You have the Nerds, of the fraternity Lambda Lambda Lambda which are sort of the “ugly ducklings” or anti-heroes of the story and the other are the Pi Delta Pi  and the Alpha Betas which are depicted as the “normal not nerds” kids, for me these are the villains. If you don’t side with the Nerds while watching the movie, then you must have problems.

I’m making this review a bit different by adding the following sort of social commentary. It is really sad to see some things happening in the movie happen today: bullying / cyber bullying. In some learning environments, there is a tacit belief that the stronger or the most apt in sports can and shall dominate other students weaker in these areas. I think I was very lucky that in college I had a very normal and pleasant life, there are no such things as fraternities in the country I studied my Bachelor degree and I think that the fact it was a public university also helps in that because of the high diversity there, these problems don’t happen too often. The previous time I saw that movie must have been like 12 years ago and maybe I didn’t understand it as I see it today. I really hated the characters of the “normals”, I even couldn’t stand them on screen! I already told you it was easy my pass through university, but high school was a different story, there was a certain person who studied almost all the way since primary with me, hated that stupid piece of s+++t. It was the bully of the school and the school even promised several times they would get him out, but they didn’t and no corrective action worked with him. I think now in retrospective that his only presence after some years influenced the environment so everything and everyone were kind of at his service, even girls and teachers. I think this environment did some terrible things to me, as for example I was not very confident in many ways when I was a kid, sucked at sports (except the last two years), my performance just declined with time, I felt depressed some times and well, overall my self confidence was very low and I believe that some of the decisions I took just at the end of high school and at the beginning of college years were affected by this. I think bullies can undermine the lives and hopes of other students who don’t decide to confront them, and also for the student who just go with it. I sadly just confronted him a couple of times, if I were to live again those years I’m sure I would kick his sorry ass very badly. But now I’m proud to say that I overcame most of my insecurities and issues created by high school’s fault. Like Lewis in the movie I decided to take a stand and I even recovered the best girl from the evil clutches of the bullies. And yes, I’m a Nerd!


Dark City Micro Review

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Dark City (Alex Proyas, 1998) must be one of the most underrated films of the 90’s, beign almost a failure at box office performance, it has earned with the passing of the years high acclamation from movie critics (strangely perhaps? like Roger Ebert) and audiences, becoming a cult classic. This movie presents you with a simulated reality story, it wasn’t a new way of storytelling at that time, but for further enjoyment of this movie you have to consider that it was released one year before The Matrix. In this fictional world a race of aliens called simply the Strangers have enslaved humanity without them to realize what’s happening. I said enslaved? it’s better to say that they are having a huge experiment with humans in order to find a solution and prevent their annihilation. The experiments consists in that they are changing the shape of the city every night, or maybe to say night is not so appropriate because there’s no sun (that’s why the movie it’s called dark city), so they change the shape of the city once in a while, replace the people’s memories and swap their location on the city. But the moving force of the movie, speaking in other movie’s language starts when an anomaly or an unexpected value affects the equation. John Murdock is the main character in the movie and he’s a human with the same psychokinetic powers as the Strangers, he’s lost his memories and has been framed with murder by the Strangers. So the movie it’s about him trying to make sense on what’s happening while escaping the firm grip of the Strangers. So, the rating, I give this movie a perfect score, it’s actually one of my favorite movies ever. The performances are excellent, Rufus Sewell makes a good main character but not amazing, but we have the strange scientific in Kiefer Sutherland, the police detective in William Hurt and OH MY GOD!! my love Jennifer Connelly is the wife of the protagonist and she sings! (actually only sings on the Director’s Cut), the Strangers look very evil and disturbing so they are great bad guys. On the effects side, special mention on the morphing sequences of the city. Music is very good and it always emphazises the menace of the Strangers and keeps you on your toes. The story, my favorite part, is simply amazing, it’s based on the always amazing argument, y’know? maybe nothing is real…

Bride of the Monster Micro Review

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Bride of the Monster (Ed Wood, 1955) leaves you with the “what the heck I just watched” sensation. Widely regarded as the worst filmmaker of all time, and this movie, originally titled Bride of the Atom was his first horror movie. Having the actor Béla Lugosi in his last years wasn’t at all a recipe for a successful movie. But I’ve seen movies with him that are worse than this one. Béla is your stereotypical mad scientist who has the help of his minion Lobo, played by wrestler Tor Johnson, and has as goal the creation of supermen. But his plans are screwed after kidnapping a girl, event which is simply the downfall of B-movie villains. The performances are not so bad, but there’s one scene with a speech of Béla which is just wonderful acting. What is really bad in this movie is the integration of stock footage with proper footage of the movie, a known flaw in Ed Wood’s movies, and also the most fake and funny monster ever, the octopus, the actors had to fake they were attacked by it, and move its tentacles because that monster didn’t even move! I only recommend this movie to B-movies OR classic horror movies OR Béla Lugosi’s fans; if you don’t watch it, you’re only missing one wonderful Béla Lugosi monologue…

Mars Attacks Micro Review

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Finished watching Mars Attacks (Tim Burton, 1996) after a lot of years, 10 out of ten, the final solution to annihiliate the aliens is as stupid as in Independence Day, but think about it, ID is “serious” american cinema and MA is clearly an homage to B-movies. Anyway if we are attacked by superior aliens, they wouldn’t run Windows to be affected by a computer virus. So I find the tactic of MA more plausible. Music is great, Danny Elfman, of course; the cast is awesome, you can’t go wrong with Jack Nicholson; the effects are a mix so the unity is not completely achieved but the aestetic approach is superb, so 50’s it could be black and white. Special mention to the American national anthem played by mariachis, just amazing!


I always liked films, I remember I had a Lego toy with its camera and I played that I was the director. Now I can play in a more serious way, I want to integrate all my artistic knowledge in the works I could make in film. In 2005 I acquired my camera and I put myself to work, although the art irremediably is relegated to the free hours of our time, you will find some advances in my experimentation here. Caracas Zero Zero is born as an idea that must be expressed by audio-visual means by necessity, it is the perspective of the city like an element in the individual life, like it has been historically in Venezuelan Literature, I show this subject as the city as a disease, the violent city, the neon commercial fences and senseless television advertisement that invades our space, contaminating to us.