Bride of the Monster Micro Review

Published originally on judamasmas s-tumblrs

Bride of the Monster (Ed Wood, 1955) leaves you with the “what the heck I just watched” sensation. Widely regarded as the worst filmmaker of all time, and this movie, originally titled Bride of the Atom was his first horror movie. Having the actor Béla Lugosi in his last years wasn’t at all a recipe for a successful movie. But I’ve seen movies with him that are worse than this one. Béla is your stereotypical mad scientist who has the help of his minion Lobo, played by wrestler Tor Johnson, and has as goal the creation of supermen. But his plans are screwed after kidnapping a girl, event which is simply the downfall of B-movie villains. The performances are not so bad, but there’s one scene with a speech of Béla which is just wonderful acting. What is really bad in this movie is the integration of stock footage with proper footage of the movie, a known flaw in Ed Wood’s movies, and also the most fake and funny monster ever, the octopus, the actors had to fake they were attacked by it, and move its tentacles because that monster didn’t even move! I only recommend this movie to B-movies OR classic horror movies OR Béla Lugosi’s fans; if you don’t watch it, you’re only missing one wonderful Béla Lugosi monologue…


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