Mars Attacks Micro Review

Published originally on judamasmas s-tumblrs

Finished watching Mars Attacks (Tim Burton, 1996) after a lot of years, 10 out of ten, the final solution to annihiliate the aliens is as stupid as in Independence Day, but think about it, ID is “serious” american cinema and MA is clearly an homage to B-movies. Anyway if we are attacked by superior aliens, they wouldn’t run Windows to be affected by a computer virus. So I find the tactic of MA more plausible. Music is great, Danny Elfman, of course; the cast is awesome, you can’t go wrong with Jack Nicholson; the effects are a mix so the unity is not completely achieved but the aestetic approach is superb, so 50’s it could be black and white. Special mention to the American national anthem played by mariachis, just amazing!


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