Status Report

I have changed the design of the blog, I hope you like it. After the clifhanger on the Pirate Bay trial post I haven’t posted anything else, I owe you all the conclusion of that post. I have been working on the final project of this semester for the Master Course and it has taken a lot of time out of me, also I’m involved in a very exciting and interesting project I’m not yet authorized to tell you about it but you’ll know eventually. Finally, I have worked some time on my brand new Tumblr “judamasmas s-tumblrs”, the description of the site is as follows:

“As I stumble upon things on the Internet and on my life, I’m constructing this experiment on variety.
Here you will find pretty geeky things: great pics, media, technology, information science, digital society, videogames, literature, movies… If it’s cool for me, you will find it here…”

The idea is to have there my own micro posts (which I’m thinking to also copy here) and specially material not made by me, as this blog has always had my own intellectual production.

More on judamasmas’ Weblog on the following days…


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