Some on literature

Perhaps I claim it for being the first of the arts in which I entered, perhaps I say it because it really is the truth, who knows? I believe that the supreme artistic expression part from words, when naming an object we create it and we make it ours. In painting the word exists, beyond the title of a work, the message although elusive it is of a tacit, invisible form, like the rest of the arts, the work waits his spectator to arrive, to complete itself and to be simultaneously equal and nevertheless different, when it deconstructs itself in the gallery and returns to be constructed in the mind and the unconscious of the spectator. In music, the word is that accumulation of emotions evoked by seductive notes entering our ears and being codified by our brain. Many musical sorts use poetry to indicate a message in a more explicit form. Literature… what could say of it that it has been said? Let us look for a way to express ourselves, a way impulsive, creative, full of emotion and at the same time without it, a Literature without rules or critic. If the word manages to move some feeling, or impel an action, it has already fulfilled its assignment.

Poetry book: “The partiality of time” (Incomplete!)


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