Some on music

I have to confess that the music is one of the Arts in which I thought that I couldn’t get into, after my traumatic experiences as a boy, trying to learn to play violin, “cuatro”, flute and piano; only I wanted the piano, and nobody wanted me to want it, in short, I could not love it. I consider that in the case of music and I, it has happened exactly just like with painting or design: the technology has managed to alleviate another one of my frustrations, releasing to me of the musical trauma. These tracks were made like original music for the animated tutorials, working for the Pedro Grases Library of the Metropolitan University, since we had the problem that we wanted to put music into them, but with the subject of copyrights, there were two solutions: classical music or original music, you can see what I decided. I made some of the tracks with the collaboration of Donovan Figueroa, friend, poet, musician and fellow librarian. I will put out some more soon as I continue “composing”.







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