Tallinn First Impressions

On January 14 I arrived in Tallinn, Estonia. The flight was quick and easy, I even could sleep, I’m getting used to flying. Upon leaving the terminal, I took a taxi and asked the driver to take me to a cheap hotel near the apartment where I am now. It was pretty close, it is curious that just behind the university dorm and near a bar where we have gone several times. I was hungry and got a pizza at the bar and a one class course in Estonian beer, I bought several, very good indeed. I returned to the room and had fun with the television in Estonian and Russian. What I liked was the hotel window and the carpet, impressive, and I want one for my home. I woke up the next day and I asked to do the checkout one hours later -while I was watching a rerun of Die Hard, felt like home- because I was to meet the landlord a little later than the original checkout time, my request was graciously pleased, then I went to find an ATM to complete the money I needed to pay for the apartment, and oh, tragedy! I lost my debit card, I realized it several hours later. Luckily I was able to solve this problem without too much difficulty.

Tallinn seems interesting, the prices are like 1/3 of Oslo’s, the girls are beautiful and the beer is fantastic, but the weather … man it’s cold. Musically, if Oslo is A-ha or ABBA, Tallinn is Depeche Mode, not in vain, there are two DM bars. The apartment is big and cold, and I had to stay two weeks alone until my friends and of course colleagues arrived: Andrea, Italian, Sara, American and Mehrnoosh, Iranian.

I like the classes at Tallinn University, I’m taking the courses of Information and Knowledge Management and Human Resources Management, also Italian classes, now I have a lot of material to read and things to do … I especially like the Information and Knowledge Management because it’s a familiar topic and one I like, and the teachers, Sirje Virkus and Aira Lepik are very kind and friendly, they even organized a reception for the students from the Digital Library Learning, where they had the tables with the flags from all countries where we came, it was too much, really.


3 thoughts on “Tallinn First Impressions”

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