To Valencia, IX Congress ISKO

This is the first and last time I take 3 flights in less than 12 hours, it was terrible, the “winter” of Tallinn had me with the flu and I felt horrible with so many takeoffs and landings. Experience at the airports was interesting: in Tallinn, all normal and no problems, in Copenhagen a nice weather and some warm, great attention on the Duty Free Shop, they serve free samples of alcoholic beverages, I tasted three different whiskeys and a Danish vodka, I almost lost the flight for this… Now, upon arriving in Madrid I had an encounter with the history of my country, right in the security part I felt I was in any Venezuelan public organization, the security people were like joking and they were never ending passing my luggage and lost my boarding pass , would have been on purpose? I hope that this incident is not the rule. Another funny thing is that this airport was announced by the speaker system something like: “At this airport we don’t make any significant announcements,” and for a bonus, there was a 5€ charge to connect to the Internet for half an hour, when in Tallinn and Copenhagen its free. Well, I waited a couple of hours to the next flight to the airport of Valencia, with my laptop, watching the extras of the 25th anniversary of Rocky Horror Picture Show, and taking a Fanta lemon, something that saved the day …

Arrived in Valencia at 11 pm and I knew there is a Metro of Valencia, but its store was closed, the information booth closed also and nobody form security in sight to ask me for my passport or to could help me  and the signs are a disaster in Spain: all and none roads lead to Rome. So I took a taxi to the hotel where I had a reservation, another funny note, after a day of searching online for hotels in Valencia, it seems that the Spanish city has no hotels, or Valencia’s hotels are outside of Valencia, anyway I found one hotel a kilometer from the Polytechnic University, the place I were to head the next day.The goal of all this? Getting to Valencia, Spain to participate as a speaker at the IX Congress ISKO, Spanish Chapter entitled: New perspectives for the organization and dissemination of knowledge. At this conference I took my paper: “Program for Information Competencies Development of the Pedro Grases Library: Present and Future.”

To be continued…


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