IX Congress ISKO Spanish Chapter

For me it was a real pleasure to have participated in the IX Congress ISKO Spanish Chapter: New perspectives for the diffusion of knowledge and organization, where I took my paper entitled Program for Information Competencies Development of the Pedro Grases Library: Present and Future. This is the last paper containing the experience I integrated about information literacy in the Pedro Grases Library of the Metropolitan University of Venezuela, so this marks a before and after in my career, I want to develop further research on Information Literacy, though perhaps some other topics will arise, product of the master course I’m studying.

Fortunately I found economic accommodation within the Polytechnic University of Valencia, in the Colegio Mayor Galileo Galilei.

It was very nice to be in Valencia for a few days, and finally know Spain, its splendid weather, noise, only comparable to that of Caracas, to see the “fallas” in the streets and see and know special people in Congress, such as Emilia Currás, Blanca Rodríguez Bravo, Tomas Baiget, Jesús Tramullas, Rosa San Segundo, among others, most important figures and heavily cited in the Spanish literature about Information Science. I share with you the slides of my presentation .


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