An approximation to the new competencies of the librarian, presentation in Chapingo (Mexico)

I received a very kind invitation from a Mexican colleague to participate with a conference in the 3rd National Encounter and 1st International of Librarians in the Autonomous University of Chapingo (Mexico). On the October 4th and via Skype, I made my intervention titled “An approximation to the new competencies of the librarian”, which was some kind of summary of the keynote I delivered for the 3rd Conversation with librarians, bibliophiles and archivists. At the same time, this is part of some research I am conducting in parallel to my main research on the integration and mutual shaping of social media, higher education and information literacy.

With these working documents, I attempt to research on the new competencies and new roles that us librarians and related professionals are developing and fulfilling in the last few decades. We can take a work such as this in order to:

  • Reflect upon our practices
  • Rethink our roles
  • To seek diverse and novel offers of professional and lifelong training
  • To develop these new competencies and roles
  • and finally innovate on library services

I have uploaded the slides with their audio incorporated and the full text article (in Spanish).


1 thought on “An approximation to the new competencies of the librarian, presentation in Chapingo (Mexico)”

  1. The ability to find, manage and evaluate information is essential to our ability to both individual and societal levels of functioning in increasingly complex lives. These are examples of starting points for library and information science research. The issues covered in the topic are often such that they described as interdisciplinary, with an established fixture at the intersection of humanities and social sciences.

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